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Your future

Be in control of your online learning—take the
courses you need, at your pace, for your career.

The Koukula way


Technology has freed us from being in one location, yet brought us together

On demand

Start when you're ready. Work at your pace.


We focus on offering interchangable courses to help you create your own program path

Learning where you are

Online learning happens where you learn best, at home, work, communting or are your local coffee shop. Our classroom works on your phone and computer, where ever you have internet access.

Designed for you

Our design & developement focused programs are flexible to fit both your schedule and career path. Take the courses you need now, build up the skills you want for tomorrow.

Launching soon

UX design

Learn to create meaningful human-centric digital products & services

Product management

Learn to take an idea from planning, development and market launch

Web development

Learn to build high-quality dynamic websites with core web technologies

You choice. Your school

Koukula is a new kind of school, combining the access & course length a of casual learning platform with the rigour & skills of comprehensive programs.

We’re creating curriculum that focuses on foundational learning, proven industry skill requirements and the flexibility to learn what you need at your own pace. You’re learning for your future, and you are the best to choose the educational path for yourself.

Courses begin soon

We’re just starting up and welcoming the first students.

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